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Where is you based?

G'day, our office is based in Sydney, Australia.

We pride ourselves on being a truly international and love seeing customers, contributors and followers in as many different cities and countries as possible. The more obscure the location the better.  It really is a small world. 

Check out the 'About Us' section to learn more about our team.

How long until you send my goodies?

We will try to dispatch within 48 hours of order placement. 

It might take a little longer if your item is out-of-stock or if we are snowed under. Rest assured that we will communicate any delays.

I bet you have crazy delivery times?

That depends on what you call crazy.
Domestic orders should arrive within a week (Australia-wide).
International shipments might take around 2-3 weeks depending on what corner of the globe you are in.  We've heard of it arriving in less than a week.

Tracking details will be provided once dispatched. You will be able to keep an eye on the delivery status and rough ETA.  USA customers will be able to track their delivery through USPS.

One last delivery question -
What are your delivery fees

We are confident we are using the best delivery provider... a mix of being pretty cheap, pretty fast and with useful tracking functionality.  BOOM.  We will start with the below FLAT RATE fees. 

Domestic delivery (snail mail) = AUD $4.00
Domestic Delivery (Express Post) = AUD $8.50
International delivery = AUD $13.00  (*less than USD $10.00)

**FREE DELIVERY FOR ORDERS OVER AUD $60.00 (approx. USD $45.00)**

We're not here to make money on the delivery fees. We pass on our costs. It is what it is.

Umm, how do I attach my patch?

Good question. Most patches come with iron-on backing You'll know if it is iron-on if the backing is shiny/transparent.  If it isn't then it is sew-on.

We suggest that iron-on badges should still be sewn on if possible. Sewing on is considered more permanent and gives you peace of mind that it won't peel off.   If you're applying at home then the iron-on is handy to secure it first before adding a few stitches to really secure. 

1 - Grab yourself a sewing machine (or a needle and thread).
2 - Google it.

If you are struggling try asking your nearest 'arts-n-crafty' grown-up for help.  If that fails you might try taking it to a local dry-cleaner, tailor or laundromat.  Good luck.

Note: Some garment fabrics like nylon or leather might get discolored or damaged if you iron them so be careful. Do some testing first.
1 - Set your iron to a hot setting (cotton).
2 - Use the iron to heat and flatten out the area that you want to apply the patch.
3 - Place the patch in the correct area and cover with a thin cloth (like a pillow-case). The thin cloth will protect the patch from getting burnt/melted.
4 - Press down on the cloth covered patch as hard as possible for approx. 20-25 seconds.  Don't use the steam.  Make sure you pay attention to the edges of the patch.
5 - If possible turn the garment inside out and apply pressure from the reverse side of the patch for a further 15-20 seconds.  
6 - Allow to cool... be patient.
7 - Fingers crossed the patch is now well and truly stuck onto your garment. 
8 - As mentioned above.. you should still probably sew it on if you can.