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TPPC x Kyle Platts



'ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DONER' embroidered patch
(design by Kyle Platts)

There's nothing better than grabbing a doner after a long night out.  WTF is a doner you ask?

Some parts of the world won't know what a 'doner' is or maybe they call it a gyro. It's a classically Turkish or Greek way of cooking meat on a vertical rotisserie, trimming off the meat, adding veggies and sauces and then wrapping in flat bread.

Makes us hungry just thinking about it. You beauty, another day, another doner!

  • Finished size is 2.6" x 3.2" (65 mm x 80 mm)
  • Edges are overlocked/merrowed (black)
  • This has an iron-on backing
  • For more permanent application we recommend sewing on
"Go on, grab yourself a doner today... you know you want to." - TPPC.

About The Artist - Kyle Platts

The 'Another Day, Another Doner' embroidered patch is designed by renowned UK illustrator Kyle Platts. We're chuffed that he was keen to to be involved with TPPC. Hopefully some more designs to come.

Kyle works mostly with fine nib rotring pens but also enjoys using pencils, paint and computers (illustrator, photoshop and whatnot). Kyle is a cool cucumber with a signature style, funny and talented AF... if you don't know him already then it's time to check him out.   Links below.

Instagram - @kyleplatts (
Twitter - @kyleplatts (
Web -
#kyleplatts #anotherdayanotherdoner

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